Very simple donation feature?


Since it's apparently impossible for a user to purchase an upgrade until their current upgrade expires, I need a way to encourage additional donations on my forum. But every "Donate" add-on I've found implements campaigns and progress bars and so on, which I really don't want (and it's unclear whether or not they can be disabled). All I want is a way to accept a user-defined-amount donation and have it go through the PayPal account already set up in Xenforo for user upgrades.

Can anyone offer advice, suggestions, modifications, or existing add-ons?

Mr Lucky

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I just use a standard PayPal donation button.

Add it to the footer, a page, a notice, ad position or within a post via bbcode
I'm not a US resident. AFAIK, a donation button is availabe to any paypal account. Maybe it needs to be a business account but that would seem a bit odd.
Unfortunately some countries don't have that option, not sure when it's removed, maybe a couple of years ago.