VB4 Migration - should i wait or do it now?


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What is the migration like from VB4.2 here?
What can I expect ( pain or relief) lol
Should I wait or do it now is the question.

I made the mistake of using vbseo. I'm wondering if I should try to, yet another rewrite or just kill it and start over?


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I've converted a couple of forums from vb4.2 with no issues whatsoever. Wasn't using vbseo on those, but I was using it for one of my vb3.x forums I also converted, again no problems.

So, relief. :D


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Migration is rather easy. There is an official importer available, as well as a great one by Jake Bunce, for vBulletin 4. Many members here are vBulletin converts, including me. If you have any trouble with importing, these forums offer great support, and many people offer conversion services for reasonable prices.


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Thanks guys,

one more question, well two :)

It looks like I can convert my blogs yes?
If so, I'm guessing I install every add-in that I want vb4 converted prior to the migration correct? In other words, if its true, that I can convert my blogs, I would add the blog node to my xenforo first, then perform the vb4 to xenforo migration?


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I made the mistake of using vbseo.
Best thing I ever did was to never use vbseo or friendly URLs.

When you convert be sure to select the option to retain all id's.

Also before you convert, make sure all members have unique email addresses.


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For blogs and articles, there are no official xenforo addons, but I believe you can convert them into threads in your xenforo installation.


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I'm loving this more and more.

What are id's. Like me being audiokid = id 2 etc?

Are there examples of how my banners will look here? Right now I have a 728x90 leaderboard and footer plus 250 x 250 in the thread / posts. Is this still possible?


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I should note that I use openx an independent ad system so I just need a place to drop code into these areas. Is this easy. I'm by no means good with code nor do I want it to become complicated for me.


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Well... it won't be that easy if your forum is large and uses Social Groups, Blogs and and

But surely is the right move. Surely.