XF 1.5 Uses XF the Adobe Flash-Plugin?


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some of our users report that their script blocker blocks the Adobe Flash-plugin sometimes. Is XF 1.54 using flash?

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And you can deactivate it in your ACP options!


I want XF not to evoke user's Flash Players.

I did deactivate the flash uploader from ACP:
Application/Attachments/Attachments Options/"Use Flash Uploader" (unchecked)

But Firefox is still anoying me by keeping asking if Flash should be allowed or blocked. This seems to occur exactly any time I enter a thread. I get same result on both my own 1.5.5 forum and the 3-day xenForo demo.

Has anyone been lucky with this?

btw: I don't know if the Flash uploader actually is active or not. Don't know how to tell :unsure:

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Usually the switch works. But Mike or Chris may check if there is a bug.

Maybe you have other Flash content included in your page? Such as advertising for example?
No other Flash content. The forum is a new install (today) with one thread and one post only.


See attached upploader.jpg

That one looks more lightbox than Flash, right? It shows up if "Use Flash Uploader" is deactivated. If "Use Flash Uploader" IS activated -- my WinXP default file selection window shows up.

But both are fine to me. What does matter though is in any case Firefox senses Flash activities and begin to bug users whith that stuff. What causes the Flash activities and how can it be turned off?


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The only thing that's Flash is the uploader and that overlay is not using it. Flash would have to be triggered by something else then. You might need to look at the network part of the browser console/developer tools to see if it's loading a .swf file somewhere.
Yes, I do get same -- that no matter what the "Use Flash Uploader" is set to.

However my pasted URL didn't include the entire line. Below is console info from my site, entire line (quotation marks included) but without my domain and installation folder:

"flash url: http://[MyDomain & dir]/js/swfupload/Flash/swfupload.swf"

Are you just saying that's printed in the console? If so, that's just a developer note; it doesn't mean it's actually being loaded. I was referring to viewing the network tab from the developer tools to see if you can see a swf file being loaded.
I now viewed network.

swfupload.swf appears in the network list when entering a thread -- but only if Flash loader is set to active and user is logged in.

Firefox flash-ask-user appears if I'm logged in and entering a thread -- no matter if Flash loader is active or not.

...I think
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I had the same problem today, and the same situation (flash doesn't
actually load anymore after turning it off, but FF warns about it).
Maybe this should get a bug report for Firefox instead of Xenforo...
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