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MG 1.1 Uploading progress bar if device without flash or flash plugin disabled.


Active member
Hello, it not a bug but it concerns the ease of use.

I have received several complaints from users that they can not upload their videos in the media gallery

I chek it on my old mobile phone and in FF without flash plugin, and it's really misleading.... because once you choose a video , then you do not understand what is happening....
no any progress bar or messages that you need to wait

uploadprbar.jpg uploadprbar2.jpg

May be need change a

width: 500px;

for example to:

max-width: 500px;

and even if you can see this progress, it hides after a while, and then it look like a video is not upload

Thank you!

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
i see if there's anything we can do but realistically this is just one of the things that using the Flash uploader does improve.

In terms of a traditional file upload element there isn't really a notion of progress, or at least if there is then it is dependent on the cries see exposing it.

This is the kind of thing that would be improved by using a more advanced HTML5 based uploader but that is certainly an improvement that would have to come in the future.

For now, you may want to check out an add on in the RM that implements Plupload for XF. This may expose things like multi file uploading and progress indicators abs it may work with the Gallery but you would need to check with the author.