Lack of interest Users with permission to view thread titles (but not their content), don't see them in new posts

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This is the current design:

If you set forum permissions for a specific user group to only view thread titles and not their content, the threads do not show up in "new posts" in navigation and sidebar.

Suggestion: it makes sense they can see the thread titles on those places if they can see them in the subforum itself.

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FWIW, this was done intentionally, though I can see the argument the other way. On the new posts page, since threads are from multiple forums, you wouldn't be able to tell which links would "work" and which wouldn't. Conversely, when you're browsing a specific forum, either they all "work" or they don't. I didn't really like the "lucky dip" element that may not be clear to users.

There's also a technical element that since the users can't view the threads, they fail the permission check and are automatically excluded, though that's sort of a separate technical issue.
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