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XF 1.4 See Thread but not content in New Posts


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I have a user group that I want to be able to see what they are missing when browsing recent or new posts.

I want them to see new threads, but not the content. I've managed that in general user group settings But I want the threads they can't see the content of to show up in Recent and New Posts so they can see what they are missing. Presently they don't. Is this possible? Thanks
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Having posted something in our subscriber forum tonight I'm even more of the opinion that non-upgraded members & even guest should be able to see this stuff. We have new content shown in the sidebar with thumbnails - it's a real visual hook to get folk with the right permissons to the post. However it's no hook whatsoever for those that can't see it in the sidebar or 'new posts'.

I allow regular members to see the list of threads in restricted forums but not the post content itself. They soon get used to not browsing those restricted section so reminders of quality content is a great asset to prompt members to upgrade.


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Couldn't resist trying. Works! (y)

I had to revoke persmissions for our private staff room to stop posts appearing in recent/new for all but the admin/mod team.

Anyway this could also allow the content to show in BD widget framework 'threads'??