View threads but not view content: disallows viewing thread in the New posts list.

Mr Lucky

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If a permission allows viewing of threads, but not viewing of content, there users sees the threads as expected in the forum view thread list.

However they are unable to see the new posts list.

You would expect it to be the same as forum view, ie they would be able to see the list but not the content.
Yes, if they have permission to view threads, they should see them in new posts, I cannot imagine that it was designed that way, so yes, +1 for a bug.
For what it's worth this is also inconsistent with the API. The API endpoint calls filterViewable which removes threads you can't view the contents of from the results, even though they're visible in the forum thread list. We had to add another permission for viewing the contents of threads; the default one would be enabled so the threads would be returned by the API, and viewing the threads would check our new permission.
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