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In Xenforo in the top menu, we have a function (Forum > New posts) which allows a connected member to see what are the new posts that have been created since his last visit. We've got the name of the author, the title of the post but also the date, the time and the thread forum title.
It's great but I need more. Because of the way my forum works, I need to indicate the Category. I've looked everywhere (maybe not in the right place), but I can't find how to retrieve this information.

I found in my template (default) thread_list_macros. It seems that this is where the list is generated.

                    <ul class="structItem-parts">
                        <li><xf:username user="$thread.User" defaultname="{$thread.username}" /></li>
                        <li class="structItem-startDate"><a href="{{ link('threads', $thread) }}" rel="nofollow"><xf:date time="{$thread.post_date}" /></a></li>
                        <xf:if is="!$forum">
                            <li><a href="{{ link('forums', $thread.Forum) }}">{$thread.Forum.title}</a></li>

I would like to put after {$thread.Forum.title} "in " Category title.

Maybe it's not in the right place and maybe I'm making a mistake. If you have taken another way of doing it, I am interested.

Thank you.
Hello Brogan,

Thank you for your quick reply (again)... unfortunaly, the parent category node isn't exposed or I didn't have a good look.
Do you know if it is possible to get it in another way?
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