XF 1.2 user being logged out when registering


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I am not sure if this is a XF-bug or if this is normal behaviour ?

- register as a new user
- wait for the confirmation Email
- click the Confirmation-Link in the E-mail (which opens a new browser window)

user is being logged-out when clicking the Confirmation-Link in the E-mail

I have just tested this with XF-version 1.2.5
IE-Browser 11

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- my website is always using www.domain.com
- the register-page is using www.domain.com
- also the Link in the "confirmation email" is www.domain.com

I have not changed anything in my setup of the website.
I do remember that a user was not logged-out previously, something has changed between XF-version 1.2 and XF-version 1.2.5
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Chris D

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Unless you can reproduce it here, it's unlikely to be a bug.

I'd recommend providing a link to your site or opening a support ticket.


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it is actually like this:

the user is still logged-in at the page at which he registered / at the page which says "waiting for account confirmation"

but when clicking the "confirmation-link in the Email", this confirmation-link opens a new browser-window.
at this page in the new-browser-window, the user is not logged-in.


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I have seen situations where the cookies aren't sent in a new browser window. In that case, there's nothing we can do about it. (I don't believe anything in this area has changed for some time.)

Chris D

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Obviously because they are not the same browser.
This is normal I think.
Yep, spot on. Well done for noticing. I looked at the screenshots before and didn't catch on that they are different browsers.

This is perfectly normal behaviour. Cookies are local to the browser. If the user confirmation link was opened in the same browser the account would be confirmed and it would remain logged in.


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case closed.

I can not reproduce it here at xenforo.com

Need to check again on my own website with another computer......