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User Activity by Xon 2.10.0

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Does it support Redis cache whithout your Redis addon ?
I have redis installed and working with config, but I don't see any key for user_activity.
Redis supports requires my redis add-on, while in theory it could work directly with phpredis extension in practice it isn't worth the effort.
We have now installed Redis (and your redisaddon) with your tool (User Activity by Xon)
for 2 days and have not had deadlocks since. Our Users love it!
Thank you for that and have a nice weekend.
The MySQL backend is inserting & deleting a lot of records; this can result in the table size being fairly large. Running optimize table should reduce it till change accumulation builds up again.

I recommend using redis (with my Redis-cache add-on) if you want to avoid the hassle entirely
Thank you for your prompt reply. I'm using your excellent Redis Cache add-on already, but I installed it many months after installing this add-on. I'll try optimizing the table right now and I'll let you know!


Table now is 1.3GB in size, after optimizing it. Would it be safe to Truncate it instead?
Hello @Xon,
we use your addon "user activity" and our users find it indispensable.

Now we want to change the view of the forums and to use this script.

Unfortunately, now the view of "user activity" was like this ...

should be...

Would it be possible to insert a <div> ... </div> arround, so that your addon does not follow the display in the script?
Try to replace the first line of the resource's CSS code:

Ok, Fixed :D but there is the same Problem for SubForums also...
hmm.. this CSS should not interfere with user activity.. 🤔

Post a screenshot or better a link.

Problem is fixed.

I have to add "body[data-template="forum_view"]{..." and "body[data-template="categorie_view"]{...".
That, and your " .block--category:not(.uaThreadViewContainer) {..."
fixed my Problem and user activity runs fine without any problems.

Thanks for help :)
Is there any option for enable to use redis cache for that stats ? Or it runs automatically over redis if your redis cache add-on enabled? @Xon
I'm getting some deadlocks related with that add-on in these days sometimes. even i'm using the CLI Job Runner add-on of you (may it related with cron times ? cron works every 5 min and time=240 parameter, should i increase them for prevent deadlocks? )


XF\Db\DeadlockException: MySQL query error [1213]: Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction src/XF/Db/AbstractStatement.php:217
Tarafından: Bilinmeyen hesap 9 Eyl 2019 - 18:49
Stack Trace
-- XFDB=noForceAllWrite
            INSERT INTO xf_sv_user_activity
            (content_type, content_id, `blob`, `timestamp`)
             ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE `timestamp` = values(`timestamp`)
That is from my User Activity add-on, not the User Mentions Improvements add-on.

The supported solution is to use the Redis backend and not the mysql backend. This involves having redis installed on the server, and using my redis cache add-on
I really don't recommend using APCu cache, but this add-on will use MySQL backend if redis isn't available.

New here regarding XenForo cache system, so was searching for which one's better "OPCache" or "APCu" since my hosting provider includes both.
While searching for difference here, found here you disliked it.
May I know the reason & can you suggest which one's between these two is better + which cache config is best ?
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