User Activity by Xon

User Activity by Xon 2.10.0

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The numbers are a bit off for example if I went into a forum and then test it as a guest user on another browser it will say 3 Viewing instead of 2.

Besides this very neat add on!
By default, thread views count to the forum views. Tracking which threads or direct forum views continued to the forum counts isn't possible, so may not match expected values.

Additionally, thread/forum views are tracked in 15 minute windows and do not live-update as these values change. Any view counts should be considered an estimate.
This one was an essential feature in the old vB forums. It was nice to see and to know who was watching right now a thread. People who are used to this in vB forums will miss it in XF forums. But not anymore, thanks to Xon. Thank you.
Absolutely amazing! Thank you for making this resource free and available to everyone :)

I am surprised that not too many people leave a review on such an amazing resource.
Xon has some of the most useful addons and this is one of them. He also has unrivaled support. Literally fixing bugs within a day.
Thank you for this free XF2 version, I used the RainDD version for XF1 before. Xon is one of the most trustworthy XF developers, all his addons can be installed blindly, as everyone knows: it will work and it is safe.