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User Activity by Xon 2.3.0

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  • Add "On-hover - show last seen date" style property option
  • Display the user activity list when there are no visible users by counted users
  • Support for Conversation Essentials for XF2
  • Actually increment the version id so XenForo prompts to run the upgrade process.
  • Tweak New Thread/Post widget support to reduce queries for node-level permissions
  • Remove deprecated array_column wrapper usage
  • Update installer to use shared code
  • Fix sub-forums in forums would not show viewer counts
  • Fix sub-categories in categories would not show viewer counts
  • Fix 'Too few arguments to function' error which can occur with php 7.2
  • Fix using 'thread' phrase used when viewing a forum's user list.
  • Add detection for invalid configuration (logs in release, throws an error in debug mode)
  • Add compatibility fix for @au lait SEO add-on
  • Add view count totals (optional) to thread view
  • Add view count totals (optional) to category view
  • Add view count totals (optional) to categories in the forum index
  • Various bugfixes around pushing thread view counts to parent containers.
  • Support displaying viewing user list on Forums
  • Support adding view counts next to content. (With style property).
    Supported locations;
    • Thread List
    • Sticky Thread List
    • Index Page Forums
    • Forum List
    • Sub forum List
    • Find New Threads
    • Watched Forum List
    • Watched Thread List
    • Conversation List
    Supported widgets (with per widget config)
    • New Threads widget (per widget config)
    • New Posts widget (per widget config)
  • Supports MySQL and Redis backends
    • Minimal overhead even with large number of viewers
  • To float the text to the far right use float:right; in the User Activity -> Viewer Count style property.
Likes: Matt C.
  • Avoid superfluous ',' at the start of the users viewing list for guests
  • Connect up style properties to less/css template
  • Use Less for styling instead of raw css
Likes: Mike Edge