User Activity by Xon

User Activity by Xon 2.12.2

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  • Support displaying viewing user list on Forums
  • Support adding view counts next to content. (With style property).
    Supported locations;
    • Thread List
    • Sticky Thread List
    • Index Page Forums
    • Forum List
    • Sub forum List
    • Find New Threads
    • Watched Forum List
    • Watched Thread List
    • Conversation List
    Supported widgets (with per widget config)
    • New Threads widget (per widget config)
    • New Posts widget (per widget config)
  • Supports MySQL and Redis backends
    • Minimal overhead even with large number of viewers
  • To float the text to the far right use float:right; in the User Activity -> Viewer Count style property.
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  • Avoid superfluous ',' at the start of the users viewing list for guests
  • Connect up style properties to less/css template
  • Use Less for styling instead of raw css
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  • Add automatic MySQL fallback option
    • Recommend Redis where possible.
    • Does not transfer contents from one system to the other
    • Issues a warning on install if Redis is not available.
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  • Block installing if Redis is not installed & configured
  • Fix 'avatar' display type not working
  • Fix Content Rating support
  • Add default permission configuration on install
  • Tweak permission layout.
  • Version bump to 2.0.0, as 1.x.y is for the XF1 version
  • Rework Content Ratings (upcoming add-on) support to add activity to the container not the content where possible.
  • Properly support accessing Like/Likes as counting as activity for a thread
  • Depending on Redis Cache 1.1.0
  • Support likes as recent activity in a thread
  • Support Content Ratings (up coming add-on) as activity against some content
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