Add-on Use RM as a light-classifieds [paid]


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So RM is ready and good for that if disable all resource types and transaction.

Selling goods that my board has is always about 5 and more different goods in one ad, so all prices will be inside of this one ad listed manually, not in main list as RM was designed. That is why main goal is to implement ad-search by location fields and tags.

Features list:
  1. Add location fields as mandatory for new users (on register page) and for those who want to add classified.
    Country + region + city as multiple-choice-fields using world-locations db.

  2. Add location fields inside a classifield as info by default (not to set any time while adding new classified).

  3. Opportunity to search classifieds using location fields (all 3 or 1 or 2) and tags that was set in a classified.
    Here on resource classifieds search tab: and in resource pages near filters.
    Example: I want to find tag1 , tag2 , tag3 in location x in category y

  4. Add opportunity to filter classifield-list using "Custom Resource Fields" as "Check Boxes" type.

  5. Disable download filter :)
Showcase or any other classifieds add-on unsuitable to this requirements.

Please PM