Add-on Crowd-funding proposal for classifieds add-on.


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I'm one of the crowdfunders and uh... he has a little barebones dev site up with some of the backend settings available, like the ability to create categories, packages etc... and a blank user-end view which looks like a blank/empty resource manager page... but that's as far as he's got it seems.

He's also working on the payments system seperately he says right now, but most of his time is going to his school work. We don't seem to be much further forward :(

Nelson T.

Congratulations, you bought a Bangladeshi kid a computer. :D

You guys never gave him a time deadline for doing the job. You therefore have no right to complain.

I warned you guys of the risks, and was abused for my trouble by people I now have on ignore. I told you so.

A staff member warned you that coders shouldn't ask for money until they have something to sell. You guys ignored his sage advice. He told you so.

Someone offered to guarantee the coder's performance up to $500. I suggest you take him up on his offer before others do. If he doesn't pay, oh well.

This is a good lesson. As I said originally, I wouldn't spend a dime until he had a product to sell.

Learn your lesson and chalk it up to experience. He has done this before.

Mr. Goodie2Shoes

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Relax @The Hobby-Machinist , @Mr. Goodie2Shoes is active and posting at XFU. He is currently scheduled to finish up his school exams, and will have daily updates starting on Monday.
Yes, thank you for mentioning. @GoPluto I am here and the project is still here. And I haven't moved away from my deadline.

It's true that I didn't have that much of a communication with the early backers which I should've and I apologize for that.

And again, I am not going anywhere. :)


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Just reading a little some threads around is easy to know that the reputation and credibility of this developer is very bad.
Even if someday this addon is released, I'll never consider purchase it. the support / updates are essential.
No offense.

Mr. Goodie2Shoes

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Could you please to tell us the timeline/plan for this addon?

Thanks so much!
I had to change (again!) the schedule as the front-end modules are taking some time to develop and unit testing. These are things that I really can't cut the time else the product will be buggy or bloated. I haven't set the new timeframe yet and will be updated later this week along with screenies of the latest development.

Thank you for taking part in the crowdfunding and for being patient. :)


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Any update on the timeline it's been almost 3 weeks since you said that you would share screenshots and a time frame.


Mr. Goodie2Shoes

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Any update on the timeline it's been almost 3 weeks since you said that you would share screenshots and a time frame.
Coming Soon! :D

On a serious note,
I had a last minute change in plans with the current outlook right after posting it.
I am currently working on changing the layout a bit and didn't want to post screenies as the whole layout is a work in progress.
I'll post a couple of screenies tomorrow of stuff that are currently solid the way they are to show that I am actually working. :D
This project is taking way too much time, I know; I have forgotten a lot of stuff about XenForo during my time off, so taking my time to re-educate myself.
And once it's done you can expect a non-buggy app that will do... awesome stuff! :)


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However since the crowd funding started here and it's part of xenforo it's only right to keep the xenforo community up to date....

If it's posted there it shouldn't be too hard for the author to post it here..

This was the latest post since March (2months ago) on XFU regarding the add-on...

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 2.58.35 PM.png

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 2.59.37 PM.png
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