XF 1.5 URL question - remove /forum/portal/

Hoping someone can help, last stumbling block before opening site just switched over from vb4.

Xenforo is installed in /forum and everything works great.

Was thinking on using word press for Home page but changed our minds to just go with a simple portal.

Installed Extra Portal and when "Home" is clicked you go to Home and it shows yoursite.com/forum/portal/ in the url.

Have index page route set as: /portal/ and Use Full Friendly URLs checked.

Is there a way to remove or hide " /forum/portal/" in the url so when someone clicks on yoursite.com and you are on the extra portal home page the url would just be yoursite.com?

Probably something simple I am overlooking as still a newbie with Xenforo.


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The index page route should just be "portal/" (no leading slash). However, that won't change what's at the root of the domain as you installed XenForo into /forum; it just changes what's at that point. If you want XF to be in the root of the domain, you need to move it up to the root directory.
Thanks Mike.

I was thinking of moving XF to the root but would that not screw up all of our previous threads and posts that we had on vb4 and imported them over to XF? vb4 was before in /forum and we had used the CMS as a basic home page.


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You'd need extra steps to handle redirects, but it doesn't make a difference to XF if you move the installation compared to where it was previously.