phpBB3 Gaming forum (portal) to XenForo


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Hi everyone,

my site is currently running on custom modified phpBB3. I really like XenForo and was reading a lot lately about different forum solutions. They were really only 2 options to choose from. XenForo and IPS. vBulletin was scratched in the very beginning. I am not sure if I missed anything. I actually like myBB, it is free and it seems to be well build with a lot of features, but for some reason I think going with a paid soultion would be much better choice.

So here comes my questions:

1. Could I have any problems transfering all threads, posts, etc. to XenForo? Do I need to purchase something or is there a free option to do that? Can you please provide me a link?

2. I have a option to buy XenForo license from someone who purchased it, but don't want to use it anymore. So if his license is at least 120 days old, then I should have no problem to transfer the license from him to me? What is the process I need go through? Is there a way to verify he really has a license? Also are there any risks or disadvantages with getting license for XenForo by transfer and not buying a new license?

3. I am ready to spend some $ to buy add-ons to make my new XenForo powered site better. There are news, reviews, trailers, gameplays, screenshots, tournaments, classifieds, PSN (trophy) leaderboard, on my site and I really want to have them too on my XenForo as well. So based on this could you recommend me some useful add-ons? If you think about some, that can make my gaming site better, please feel free to recommend them to me. I am sure with XenForo it is achievable to build a better gaming site then is the current

4. Do you know any gaming or any portal sites based on XenForo that you could recommend me to check to get some good ideas?

Thanks for all your help!