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  • Installation henatend the error "Server Error Unable to Connect to tcp :/ / api.justin.tv: 80. Error # 110: Connection timed from the" is there a way to fix it?
    Yes, I replied to your question in the thread. The XenAtendo add-on provides this functionality.
    You seem to be the livestream expert around here. Do you know of anyway to embed the livestream with chat widget?
    As far as I can tell xenforo doesn't support livestream embed code. Is there a way to work around that?
    Nevermind. I figured it out. Works like a gem. Translates all pages, even the shoutbox. And just realized you can
    mouse over any language translation and see the original (English).

    This is an awesome tool!!!

    Thank you!!!
    Hi Ryan, can you tell me where I can get the multi-language translator addon you have on your site?
    "My sole concern is the feeling you are sharing inaccurate information concerning page rank."
    I'm not interesting in continuing to hyjack that thread by I'm interested to know what I've shared that is "inaccurate" concerning page rank, seo or any type of online marketing?
    I have been doing this a few years (six) as a profession, it sounds like you've only been reading up on it the last few months?
    Brandon Sheley
    Brandon Sheley
    We all start somewhere, I wish you the best :)

    (I hit the character limit on the profile comment, or that ^ part would of been with the rest of the comment.)
    Ryan Kent
    Ryan Kent
    I'll reply back via PC as I also am hitting the character limit :)
    Are you going to write a tutorial on Xencarta wiki as well? ;)
    Ryan Kent
    Ryan Kent
    I need to speak with Jaxel first. If he likes the XenAtendo one, then I can do XenCarta next. This took me a lot longer then I planned, so it wont be this week for sure :)
    I was really hoping Jaxel would take what I shared and modify it so it worked with JustinTV, uStream and Livestream.
    I am working on separate modules for both Livestream and uStream... uStream uses <objectid> for embedding the video feed. peace
    man, I dont know what I am alking about half the time... everything is there. MAJOR brain burps happening here. I also am starting to get hang of writing my own modules for XenPorta.. shhesh, sorry man.
    I am using your steaming module for XenPorta .. excellent work! can I get yo to modify it so that all option can be manipulated without having to go into phpMyAdmin? ...please
    How about one for uStream also...

    FYI - not going with pricey streaming acct .. UNLESS I can get some entity to sponsor that. LOL
    there are zero expenses to setup. High quality streaming requires one of their packages which start at $350/month, extremely pricey.
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