XF 2.2 Expand gaming site to multiple games

Rasmus Vind

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My website is currently based around one particular game. I am entertaining the idea of expanding it to another. I am thinking completely separate as to not disturb my existing community but still have the same user accounts, add-ons, etc. So I'd like it to be the same xenForo install, but still sort of visually have two sites.

I am thinking two forum indexes, but with sharing. Some forums are like "Site Discussion" and we don't need two of those. But others are game specific and could be disjoint.

Does anyone have any good experience with doing this? What add-ons do I need? What considerations should I make?

I am for example thinking of a user going to their user settings, change a few things, then how do they get back to the game section they care about?

What about all the buttons in the top?

How the heck do I elegantly split this site into two?

One idea is to have a theme selector, one theme for each game with handy links to access the site, but... kinda janky. What about SEO and discoverability?
Something like this addon for SMF (Simple Machines Forum), but for XenForo?

Allows you to display a subcategory as a separate forum on a separate site. Is that something you want to do? That would be a nice way to share users across sites even if they need to login with the same account on a different domain...
I hear you. But what about segregating forum index into multiple. Just linking to a sub category isn't the same as categories inside won't be expanded but appear as sub forums I believe.
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