Lack of interest Allow the crossposting of a single thread to multiple nodes


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Reddit is expanding it's crossposting capabilities and it reminded me of an issue I'm having quite a lot recently.

Members are creating threads on my forum, but they want to ensure that it's visible to as many people as possible. Therefore they're creating the exact same thread multiple times in any relevant nodes as a form of cross posting.

It's getting quite frustrating as I then have to either delete the dupes, or merge them, and then decide which node the original should stay in.

It would be great if a single thread could be cross posted to multiple nodes, which all link back to a single thread.

That way if someone is exploring a particular node they will see the thread, and if it's active it will still jump to the top of that node, but in the what's new section only one thread will only ever appear.


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Great idea and I can see this working on sites where all moderators have access to all forums but what happens when the thread is shown in multiple forums that have different moderators. Do they all have a say or only moderators from the original forum?