XF 2.2 Is there any way to "link" a thread to multiple categories or forums (example below)?


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Hi Guys!

Is there any way to link a thread to multiple forums or categories - to help users find the content easier?

I give the example (my example in a spoiler):
So for my example I want to make a medical forum.
The issue is that from professional stanpoint the diseases are ordered according to medical fields ... which isnt the easiest to understand for patients who will most probably see the issues by symptoms.

So my example is this: pancreas cancer, it can be sorted to a category in oncology and also in "surgery". Is it possible to link both in different categories and yet the user will get to the same thread?

Or if I creat a whole category for symptoms like:

1) Category A - medical fields
1/A - Neurosurgery
1/A/b - Spinal fusion surgery

2) Category B - symptoms
2/H - Back pain
2/H/t - Spinal fusion surgery

Something like this is possible?

Thanks a lot!
Threads can only be in a single forum.
I have a e-commerce website as well, I thought of threads as "products" and on e-commerce sites you can put products in multiple categores as well, that's why Im asked if this is possible in any way in xenforo.... since basically in my opinion threads are basically just list of links put in a category.
You're trying to shoehorn a forum into something it was never designed to do.

Perhaps it's time to rethink your approach to determine whether you can achieve it with the functionality built in to the software (either with the core, or add-ons), or whether you should use a different product.
Well, what you could do as a work around is put the thread into the forum that you want to have the link in, then move it to the correct/final location, and leave a permanent redirect (or temporary if you wish) in the first forum for it.

That way, you'll have the link to the thread in question, and there won't be a duplicated thread.

This does exactly what he is wanting (think it was released after he posted).
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