XF 2.1 Cannot reply to a single thread


Hi all

A member has messaged me, and has a problem replying to a single thread on my forum, that being
He has also said he cannot 'watch' the thread either.

I have replied as have a number of my staff team. None of us are able to replicate this, except for one, who just so happens to be a member of my tech team.
I logged into his account (with his permissions) and my replies were fine.

His chrome version is Version 85.0.4183.83 (Official Build) (64-bit) - Windows.

Does anyone have any ideas why his replies are not working, neither is watching the thread. They are not subject to reply bans, and the permissions are fine (indeed, when I logged in on my own computer I could reply with no issues). There is no HTML or anything unusual in any of the posts.


Unfortunately I cannot replicate this myself so cannot test it.

I don't understand how one single thread, which only contains textual replies, can stop someone replying?


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Has he tried refreshing the page in his browser? Clearing history in the browser (just browser cache and offline website data)?

When he says he can't reply, does he see the Post reply button? Of so, what happens when he taps it or clicks on it?

My guess is his browser didn't fully load the scripts for that page and now it's loading the cache copy, still without all the scripts. You didn't have that problem logging into his account because you don't have his corrupted/incomplete cache copy.

He could test this by logging in with Edge or Firefox instead of Chrome.