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  • Hey Darren! Remember me?
    You better hope you get the same Quality of Styles to XenForo as you did with vB4 :)

    FYI, if you're interested, I'd like to partner up in your project!
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    Hey Vinny, Good to see your still about.. Shoot me a PM if your are not too busy now.

    Thanks for your kind words, As you recall VB4 was quite a mess looking into XF a lot of late it's great to see we designers have a solid product to work with.
    Do you have any pictures of XF Styles your making? Maybe on localhost?
    Hey Matthew,

    Sorry not as of yet, my main concern right now is getting configured to be as customer friendly as possible. I will release some previews when possible but as it stands I am at least 1 month away from releasing my first batch of XF Styles.

    Hello my name is PJ and I run a large website called I have been thinking about making the switch to Xenforo and seen your post about you looking to make a site for your portfolio. I have great contacts and it would be a great chance to show of your skills if your interested please email me at and we can talk further. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Hey Expert welcome. I'm no high expert coder but I'm good at the basics of starting XF, useful addons, and tweaks. Let me know if I can help.
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