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    Re: Mass import videos ?

    Ok Cheers.. what would we be looking at roughly ?? It's just a rubbish WP script that uses a custom theme and a few plugins.. Now i am guessing i could cut the header / footer out and just embed it within a custom page using the xf wrapper as the script basically just displays videos (Though...

    Re: Mass import videos ?

    Hey all, I am doing some work for a client ATM It's not actually XF (YET !!!!).. basically the script he is using is just like You-Tube and it's very much automated / very little work involved (I am not a fan of sites that require very little attention) however as i mentioned this is for a...

    GameTec gaming forums

    Your Original Link in your Opening Post is not working, I managed to get your site to open fine by using this link / url: Regards, Darren

    I own 2x XF Licences But wish to sell one to renew the other

    Hey all, I own 2x XF licences one with the RM and one that is just a standard XF Licence.. Now both are expired and i was wondering how the XF Licence transferring process works.. <snip> Regards, Darren

    Import Related Question

    Hey all, While i am handy with xf (Mainly Styles / Designs) I am doing a partnership type project with a old mate and well he wont be purchasing a XF license until just after Xmas.. So i thought i would help him get the ball rolling and install another (Free forum software solution) and then...

    some style changes

    Please add me on Skype: Happy to review your task and see if i can't be of assistance to you. Regards, Darren

    Partner(s) wanted for a "Battlefield Hardline" project

    No need to be smart.. I lost a close family friend last week and this week ive had "Man-Flu" so yes ive not got very much done at all, However if you keep an eye on EP you will see that in the coming week (Possibly 10 days) that it will be live and we will be accepting sign up's. Ive been...

    Partner(s) wanted for a "Battlefield Hardline" project

    Hey all, Looking to create the #1 Battlefield Hardline Website / Fansite ASAP and am looking for one (Maybe several people to join me for this project).. I have huge EXP in the Battlefield niche (Sold my last Battlefield Project for 12k + other revenue, so rest assured i am committed to this)...

    Font-Awesome Icons in The Navbar + Other Places

    Very very welcome.. I will be trying to create a addon for this in coming weeks, Just have my hands tied atm while trying to get configured / complete ASAP and once done i will be contributing much much more. Regards, Darren

    Forum Partners Wanted | Gaming Related Niche

    Hey all, About to embark on "Expert Pixels" however i am looking to have a side project to keep me from going insane so i am almost ready to enter the gaming niche / community again. If your interested please contact me and i will discuss this further, for now lets just say i am open to...

    Font-Awesome Icons in The Navbar + Other Places

    Shoot me a PM with your url i am happy to take a look for you.

    Font-Awesome Icons in The Navbar + Other Places

    I am sorry i did use some .css in EXTRA.CSS to address this.. PM me you url and i will take a look and provide you the .css but you can try this.. #navigation .fa { padding: 0 8px; } Again sorry... Was simply posting my method as i noticed a few people struggling.. I will update this...

    Font-Awesome Icons in The Navbar + Other Places

    You are very welcome !! As i mentioned tho using the script to target certain div's and classes can be tricky.. it also supports "conditionals" somewhat.. so it can be powerful. Once i get my Expert Pixels project up with a decent style i shall share all my methods and compile and much more...

    Add-on Events / Apply for Certain events

    Hey all, I am looking for a addon to be created that would allow logged in users to apply for certain "Upcoming Events".. now after submitting the application form the user who posted the advert / event would receive these applications by the XF inbox or email, The even organiser would then be...

    Font-Awesome Icons in The Navbar + Other Places

    I would like to add that this was the only method that ive found that is indeed more cross-browser compatible than using css3 pseudo methods and ive only posted this to try to assist other XF users, I am not claiming this to be the best method.. simply one that worked for me. Darren