Re: Mass import videos ?

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Hey all,

I am doing some work for a client ATM It's not actually XF (YET !!!!).. basically the script he is using is just like You-Tube and it's very much automated / very little work involved (I am not a fan of sites that require very little attention) however as i mentioned this is for a client and i am doing my best to keep him happy.

If i was convince him to use XF would it be possible to mass import videos at all.. a .txt file would be ideal but right now i would even manually add the videos one by one as the script he is currently using is well nasty rubbish to be honest.

Sorry if this has been posted in the past.. I will be living on XF again in the coming weeks / months so please bare with me.. I will return the favor by helping other xf members if/when i can, i just need confirmation that if he is to buy a XF licence we will be able to mass import / bulk upload videos for him.

Regards, Darren

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Ok Cheers.. what would we be looking at roughly ??

It's just a rubbish WP script that uses a custom theme and a few plugins.. Now i am guessing i could cut the header / footer out and just embed it within a custom page using the xf wrapper as the script basically just displays videos (Though it has a star rating and allows comments).

Sorry to hassle you again Brogan.. It's hard to inform my client that the script he paid for is rubbish so im trying to keep him happy but also ensure i dont lose too much time on something i know could be done much much better... As for the XF "MEDIA" addon that was a shock to me about a week ago.. so ive not looked into it yet.

Regards, Darren


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The source of the videos probably has an RSS feed. Run that through the feed reader and see what happens. Maybe it will post the video and the titles everything comes out fine.


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i was able to batch import a few hundred videos via CSV file, excel / libreoffice & a mysql table import - it's just a case of matching the old system's database table fields (columns in your spreadsheet) to XMG's table structure, and doesn't take long at all.

the one thing that made it easy for me was the fact that one user (me) had uploaded them all, so i didn't need to match them up to XF users.