Fixed Upload Selector

Liam W

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So, the swfupload isn't covering the entire button?

Never had that before (the only times I had the non-flash uploader is when flash isn't on the device, or the swfupload file was blocked...)



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I've noticed this as well. I thought it was by design.

Is it safe to assume the overlay one is the old one?


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This has happened for quite a while now with our forums, confirmed here... I always assumed it was something with chrome specifically or updates breaking things.


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You can add this in extra.css until the next update if you want to fix that now.
#AttachmentUploader object {
margin-top: 5px;


XenForo developer
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Fixed now - moving the <object> tag based on how far the trigger button is from the offset parent. This should be resilient against various changes.