Cannot reproduce Upload Media Thumbnail does not work on iOS 6


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When I go to an Album Picture that I uploaded and then click on 'Change Thumbnail' I get this dialogue:

Photo 23-11-14 00 14 09.png

Then, I select a file from my iPad, but after selecting it from my iOS photoalbum, it does not appear in this dialogue. It's quite confusing, since there is no error message guiding me what went wrong or why my iOS album picture can not be used.

Tested it on Chrome on iOS 6.x


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I didn't have any issue changing the thumbnail of a picture on iOS 6. (As noted elsewhere, the iOS 6 market share is fairly small as is and still dwindling, so that will be taken into account when it comes to the extent of fixes.)


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Now I tested it again, this time on Safari on iOS 6 and I have no problems indeed. There is a new Chrome version out for iOS, so installed this now... and tested it again with Chrome: also no problems. Solved :).