Duplicate Random Media block is not displayed correctly on IOS (6)


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I know... it's IOS 6 that I am still on o_O.

Anyway, on this great OS, I see the following when looking at the Random Media block:

Photo 03-12-14 00 25 17.png

To much space below the row of thumbnails.

It is only when you start to swipe (left direction and sometimes right direction, one of the two works to 'solve' it) to the end of all the pics, that this space disappears:

Photo 03-12-14 00 25 50.png

Also, the thumbnail-titles are not aligned vertically well (on iOS 6).

(bytheway: fantastic functionality this, the display of random media on the 'frontpage' (y))
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it is the same issue with FireFox-browser.
The "photo-title text" is located underneath the image and is not read-able at all.

I think the "photo-title text" and the overlay should be completely removed from these images at the "Random Media Block", as long titles will not be read-able anyway.


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I'm going to go ahead and call this a duplicate for now.

Hopefully we shall see this resolved by the other sidebar fix.