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Hi, I've noticed that right now when you do a "Whats new" search, the forum in which the thread is located is not shown. I would really like to have the forum location of the thread shown as well.

Please look into it.
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Not sure I like how that looks...


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I really don't mind it as long as there is a convention ie only commas or straight dashes. Since commas seems a more used way to separate like things i think it should be used.

Lets think about this in a nice logical way, what is mostly used to separate a list of like items, commas.


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Perhaps splitting hairs but how about?

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I'd also like for the forum title to be darkened and made a link, so its easier to tell -what- forum the post is in. It took me a second to look for it, because I'm actively ignoring certain forums, and it makes it a bit harder when the forum blends in.