XF 1.5 Third time who i 'am hacked ...


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Hello all ,

today is the third time who i got hacked .... my forum got hacked every time who i restaure it ...! all my add on is payed ... ma license is 100% authentique and have 7 month more to renew it ...

i really dont know what to do ... i restaured it one week ago and now , i got hackd again ...

here is my forum : https://virtual-gaming.fr/

i afraid to finish to regret that i came to xenforo ..

if someone can help me , thanks alot


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Uninstall all addons and third parties, and identify the issue

I have seen security issues in addons in the past, I have pointed them out and they have gotten fixed. You need to track down the issue, it does not matter if they are not nulled, authentic addons can/will have security issues, particularly when written by inexperienced devs that are just learning the ropes

xenforo take no responsibility for addons, xenforo do not develop or maintain other peoples addons, you purchase / use these at your own risk


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You really need to check logs to find the source of entry and see if your account or your "best friend's" account was compromised.

In XF check admin logs and moderator logs (any suspicious template edits/activity?)

If that looks OK you also need to check server level logs (if there is SSH/root access - who last logged in? Was it a different IP than what they normally have? When did they log in, what did they change, etc.) Maybe there is a backdoor on your server. If you don't know how to do this you need to escalate to your host / a sysadmin to investigate closely.


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But the problem is when i got defaced ... i can't access to my panel to check cause all had been hacked ...
so idk how we should check of this ..

i think i have a virus on ftp or on the mysql injected ... :(

anyone can help me to fix this ? ..
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