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Server issue The page is responding too slow after adding "New Threads Widget" in sidebar.

Affected version
I have just upgraded my website from xf1 to xf2, all things are good but just noticed that as I have added the "New Threads" widget into sidebar, the page is responding bit slow. I have visited all other pages on website, even the thread where this widget is not enabled and all other pages are loading instantly.

Right now I have disabled this widget so please suggest any solution, So I can re-enable it.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
I've temporarily enabled a new threads widget here and it seems to work fine.

Are you able to re-enable it on your own site, temporarily and also enable debug mode by adding the following to src/config.php:
$config['debug'] = true;
We'll be able to use the debug output to figure out if we can optimise anything here.