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  1. logixsol

    XF 2.0 How to set custom field value in extend class method.

    I have created a custom field in registration form, When someone register that value shows on user profile. That okay. Now, Question is, I want to add the value of another custom field, dynamically When user try to register. I have extend the Pub/Register method actionRegister() and get the...
  2. logixsol

    XF 2.0 Accessed unknown getter 'column_name' on XF:User[3] (src\XF\Mvc\Entity\Entity.php:178)

    I have created a column in xf_user table, Now its showing when i dump the user object in template. But unable to use it. Getting the below attached error. Please also check the template errors.
  3. logixsol

    Xenforo Customization & Custom Add-On Development

    Hi All, I have more than 4 years experience in XenForo and work full-time as a software developer. I offer Xenforo customization and custom add-on development, with long term support and quality work. If you have any question please feel free to start a conversation with me
  4. Jean-Baptiste

    [Foro.agency] 🔥 User groups icons : add a FontAwesome icon in front of usernames 🔥 1.0.6

    [Foro.agency] 🔥 Usergroup icon in front of username 🔥 Description This addon allows you to set a user group FontAwesome icon in front of usernames. Features ✅ Add any FontAwesome icon for a user group ✅ Support for spinning by adding 'fa-spin' in the user group icon text box (doc) ✅ Resize the...
  5. SyTry

    XF 2.0 How to use display_style_priority in XF2

    Hello, In XF1.5 I made a page to display the staff. I use display_style_priority to display member in ASC/DESC : public function getStaffDetails() { return $this->_getDb()->fetchAll(" SELECT * FROM `xf_user` INNER JOIN `xf_user_group` ON `xf_user_group`.`user_group_id` =...
  6. Jean-Baptiste

    🔥 [Foro.agency] Block visitors by user-agent 1.0.1

    This addon allow you to block visitors by their user-agent. Once installed, the option can be found in your control panel : /admin.php?options/groups/discourager/.
  7. R

    XF 2.0 Not enough colors are defined in the palette.

    How can I add more predefined colors in editor's color pallets? I know there is option of putting color code but not all users of my website have idea about color codes. So could any body let me know how can I add more colors here?
  8. R

    Server issue The page is responding too slow after adding "New Threads Widget" in sidebar.

    I have just upgraded my website from xf1 to xf2, all things are good but just noticed that as I have added the "New Threads" widget into sidebar, the page is responding bit slow. I have visited all other pages on website, even the thread where this widget is not enabled and all other pages are...
  9. Marian Sebastian

    Not a bug Thread post

    I made a test post in a thread and it show the post with bbcode: <div class="bbWrapper">test</div> Any advice? Thank you.
  10. CabCon

    XF 2.0 xenForo Widget Positions - How can I set a widget to any other position than 'sidebar' and 'sidenav'?

    Hello guys, I'm trying to apply a widget to forum_list_above_nodes in a Template HTML. <xf:h1 hidden="true" /> <xf:widget key="custom_new_threads" position="forum_list_above_nodes"/> Unfortunately if I try to save the template: Line 3: Unknown position 'forum_list_above_nodes'. Supported...
  11. Atmazphere

    Allow Moderators to View Forum while board is Inactive

    I remember seeing a tutorial out there for XenForo 1.x but now with the release of Xenforo 2, I decided to make a refined version of it. You can view the XenForo 1 version on how to do this tutorial here. This tutorial is not hard and I find this modification quite useful if you want your...
  12. AWS

    Admin Zone Dev Red 1.0.0

    Brought to you by Admin Zone Dev. This is a red style with gray and white highlights. Live Demo
  13. Yan Agaev


    Yan Agaev submitted a new resource: xenLaboring - Bright style for General use. Read more about this resource...
  14. Yan Agaev

    Unmaintained xenLaboring 1.2.1

    Bright style for General use. The theme is free. The main changes made in the EXTRA.LESS Footer added in a separate template footer - main template . footer.less - style footer.
  15. AWS

    Admins Zone Dev Dark 1.0.1

    This is the second style by Admin Zone Dev. This is a dark style with gray highlights. Live Demo
  16. R

    XF 2.0 Need help in creating link in custom addon

    I am developing ab addon which display conversation, but having an issue i.e. conversation title (alias) and conversation_id is not adding to the link When I write following in template <a href="{{ link('UserConv/message', $userConv) }}" the link always remain "UserConv/message" but the alias...
  17. mysimsek

    XenNews Style 1.0.0

    XenNews Style I have prepared a new theme for Xenforo 2 and offered free sharing as a new year gift to you dear members :) The theme is a premium quality theme and has many unique features and features Theme Properties Unique greeting message area Template-specific header scheme...
  18. R

    XF 2.0 Is there any option to create event calendar in xenforo 2

    Please know if such feature is available
  19. R

    Need addon to read private conversation by admin for xenforo v2.x?

    Just upgrading from Xf 1.5 to Xf v2.0 and I am using this plugin ReadPC to read the private conversations on my forums as a admin. But it is only compatible to XF v1.x and Can anybody please suggest me any other similar add-on, which is compatible for Xf v2.x? Thanks in advance.
  20. Koala_Steamed

    Highlight and Separate Sticky Threads 2017-12-04

    Simple css (extra.less) modifications to highlight/separate sticky threads Separate sticky and normal threads Insert code in template: extra.less /* Border between sticky/normal threads */ .structItemContainer-group--sticky { border-bottom: 6px solid; color...