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xenforo 2

  1. LPH

    Beta XenWord Pro 2017 2017.11.10

    XenWord Pro 2017 is a simple bridge between XenForo 2 and WordPress. A switch is included so that the bridge will work between XenForo 1 and WordPress. This version is the upgrade to XenWord Pro 3.5.2. The current version is the last alpha release and needs heavy testing. Please do not use this...
  2. eTiKeT™

    Conditional Statements for XenForo 2

    Conditional Statements for XenForo 2 The conditional statements can be expanded by using AND, OR conditional statements operators and using xf:if, xf:else, xf:elseif. If there are any conditional statements that you want to add, please add it as a message and the article will be updated. 1...
  3. Madsen1981

    Resource page criteria for notices

    As it is now the Notice system is pretty straight forward with lots of options. But as usual I feel that the Resource addon is being left out. It would be great if you added the possibility to choose Resource categories in he Notice criteria section, so Notices only show up in resources.
  4. [xFv]

    [xFv] Thread Starter 1.0.2

    [xFv] Thread Starter... adds a banner over the message user info avatar to let members know who created the thread.
  5. DL6

    DL6 - [Widget] Most liked threads and posts 1.0.1

    With this add-on you can show the most liked threads/post of the current day, week, month, year and all time. You can also put a limit to show threads/posts by specific forums.
  6. Profile Cover test

    Profile Cover test

    Testing a custom modification for XF2 :)
  7. TMC

    Xenforo 2.x Finnish translation RC 2

    Finnish translation for XF2. Admin panel is stll to be done, but other than that it's pretty much complete. ------ Xenforo 2:n suomennos. Ylläpitopaneeli on suurelta osin suomentamatta, mutta muutoin pitäisi olla suht valmis. Käännöskukkasia, suomentamattomia kohtia sekä huonoja suomennoksia...
  8. bousaid

    XenForo 2.x Arabic Translation 2.0.0 RC2

    Arabic Language for XenForo 2.0 :) ملف اللغة العربية للنسخة 2.0 و سيكون محدث باستمرار ان شاء الله If you find any errors in spelling or translation, please do not hesitate to report it. Any help will be appreciated (y)
  9. murdercode

    Beta XenForo 2.x Italian Translation 2017-09-01

    An Italian translation made by XenForge™ for Inforge.net and Tom's Hardware Italia communities. Feel free to contribute under some rules (see CONTRIBUTOR.md in the repository). Any help will be appreciated :)
  10. Venmade

    Duplicate Sticky the first post in the topic (XF 2)

    How about add the ability to sticky the first post in the topic? I think it will be a great opportunity out of the box. At the moment there are only 2 plugins (paid) that provide the opportunity.
  11. Stuart Wright

    Ask addon authors to indicate whether (& when) their addons will be migrated to XF2

    Hello everyone including @Mike and @Kier, this is a suggestion for use of the Xenforo Resource Manager with regard to addons. Would you please consider asking all addon authors to amend their addon descriptions to indicate whether and when the addons will be migrated to Xenforo 2? Migrating to...
  12. Sadik B

    XenForo 2.0 Sample Addons

    Hello, I read through the Development updates for 2.0 posted on the Demo site. I suggest that after the release of xenforo 2.0 Developer preview, please release one or more sample addons demonstrating the alternatives for controller, model, datawriters and views as in 1.0 and also the new...
  13. ThemeHouse

    ThemeHouse.com - 150+ XenForo themes, add-ons, custom projects, and more

    Hi all! We are ThemeHouse and we make business-class premium themes and add-ons for XenForo. We also offer subscription plans to get all of our products under one cost, shared reliable hosting, and custom services such as theme design, add-on development, installation, and more...
  14. Mete Turan

    As designed Topic picture on Xenforo 2 share

    When topics are shared on social platforms like Facebook or Google Plus, they do not display a picture of the topic on the share. It would be nice if you could find a solution to this.
  15. S

    Proposal for resources xenForo

    What is your opinion that these features in Version 2 XF plugin resources? Add share buttons, add to favorites and reporting source Add slider at the beginning of the source of the source images Show points(star) to a source in Google search Change the way you rate the resources(More...
  16. CyberAP

    XenForo 2.0 demo link in navigation

    I think XenForo 2.0 demo installation deserves its own link in navigation. Not all the people visit the Announcements forum and might miss it.
  17. Divvens

    Make Forum Home Specific Navigation Customizable

    Reference thread: https://xf2demo.xenforo.com/threads/forum-home-navigation.956/ XenForo 2 features a nice navigation that shows up on forum home With the new widget system, we have the freedom to create new pages and populate it with content from widgets by controlling various options...
  18. CyberAP

    XenForo 2 specific thread prefix

    I think it's a good idea to distinguish XenForo 2-only suggestions here, as we have to write XF 2.0 before our thread titles.
  19. CyberAP

    add Your content link as a sub-navigation menu on forums tab

    As some might not know, but «Your content» functionality has gone from the search menu. I suggest bringing it back, but this time as a sub-navigation menu in a forums tab. Like this: This perfectly follows Resource Manager logic.