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  1. D

    Design flaws on UI buttons.

    Good morning, I've found that some buttons aren't centered and/or they're too small and therefore they constitute a design flaw.
  2. Xenforo 2 in the Forum; Forum and Category Editing

    Xenforo 2 in the Forum; Forum and Category Editing

    Xenforo 2 in the Forum; Forum and Category Editing
  3. applelappalala

    XF 2.1 Showing Ad on Resources page

    The default Advertising category doesn't have a widget to show Advertise on resources. I want to display Ads on Resources sidebar, how can we do that? And also, I tried to display Ads on Fourm sidebar above, but it doesn't display. How can we make a Ad as sticky in sidebar. I don't know...
  4. Kevin RG

    [Foro.agency] Referral - Have fun with your friends 1.2.0

    English version : Create more registration into your forum with referal links available for each user. With this addon you can improve the number of members on your forum, it's very easy. How to you use ? It's very easy, on the your board, click on your user menu and select "Referral". On the...
  5. New color styling options with [TH] Nodes

    New color styling options with [TH] Nodes

    Learn how to change the color in several places including category strip backgrounds, unread icons, and node titles with [TH] Nodes.
  6. C

    XF 2.0 Migrating from vBulletin 3 to XenForo 2

    Hi, We want to migrate a forum from vBulletin 3 to XenForo 2 and we have some related questions: - As we can read, the best practice is to import to XenForo 1.5 and later on to XenForo 2. Is that correct? - We've seen that there are some tables using MyISAM as a database engine (xf_session...
  7. T

    XF 2.0 Please delete

    Please delete
  8. Ulas K

    XF 2.0 About Change Width Pixels for Popup Login Form

    Hello everyone, I hope you are fine... How may I change width pixels for popup login form on default style of XenForo v2.0.12? Thank you for your all replies, Good forums...
  9. Xenforo 2 How to make the translation ?

    Xenforo 2 How to make the translation ?

    Xenforo 2 How to make the translation https://xenforotr.com https://www.bebekforum.net.tr/
  10. xenforo add-on setup

    xenforo add-on setup

    xenforo add-on setup https://xenforotr.com/ https://www.bebekforum.net.tr/
  11. Xenforo 2 Mail Setup

    Xenforo 2 Mail Setup

    How to set mail settings in xenforo? https://xenforotr.com https://www.bebekforum.net.tr/
  12. spectre007

    Fixed Server Environment Report ... UTC timezone: YES

    Under Server Environment Report in Admin, the server environment says UTC timezone: Yes However, I have manually changed my Ubuntu box's timezone to America/NewYork after the initial Xenforo installation to correct this. Still, it says UTC timezone: Yes. How do I fix this?
  13. A

    XF 2.0 Delete thread via php

    Hello, I use a php script in the page addThread.php that looks like this: <?php require('../src/XF.php'); XF::start('../'); $forumId = " " $userId = " " $title = " " $message = " " $forum = \XF::em()->find('XF:Forum', $forumId); $user = \XF::em()->find('XF:User', $userId)...
  14. bebekforum

    Unmaintained [TH] Last Post Avatar 1.0.1 Patch Level 1 translation package [TH] Last Post Avatar 1.0.1

    For Installation; In the languages section, select Install at the top right corner Then click on Select File to load the language file with the patch removed from the zip code.
  15. Fastline

    XF 2.0 How to use anchors?

    I want to use anchors in my forum. How can i do that? I'm using XF 2.0.x Thanks
  16. smt287

    XF 2.0 Get Avatar URL

    Hi, as you read in the title, i need the code to create the avatar link. example: https://SITE_NAME/data/avatars/o/14/14267.jpg?1533002242 How do I get this link with code?
  17. R

    XF 2.0 Getting error while developing addon as suggested in dev doc

    I am getting below error while following "xf-addon:install-step" step from dev doc. An exception occurred: [TypeError] Argument 1 passed to Demo\Portal\Setup::Demo\Portal\{closure}() must be an instance of Demo\Portal\Alter, instance of XF\Db\Schema\Alter given, called in...
  18. M

    Gallery statistics widget: Add 'Your statistics' block toggle

    Please consider adding a true/false option Enable 'Your statistics' block in the XFMG Gallery statistics widget to toggle if the XFMG "Your statistics" block should be shown beneath. This could function the same way as Enable 'Staff online' block does for the XF2.0 Members online widget...
  19. Fastline

    XF 2.0 Backup solution for XenForo 2

    I've been using wordpress and it's easy to use. Due to users demands, i've purchased XenForo 2 for the Forum. Is there any way to backup the Whole Forum? I was using a plugin in Wordpress and i was able to backup only the wordpress not the entire site. The real benefit of this is suppose you...
  20. K

    XF 2.0 /forum/forum URL

    I have a wordpress on my root directory so the forum was installed inside the /forum directory. This was previously a vbulletin and was migrated to xenforo. however I am running to an issue with the URLS. the old VB urls are /forum/introductions but on xenforo right now it is...