XF 2.2 How to change avatar size in the new threads widget?


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I'd like to make the avatars larger within the new thread widget. Specifically, I'd like to change the spot in the code below that says avatar--xxs to avatar--s.

The snippet below is from viewing the source code on my website. Where can I find this on my site's backend?

<div class="contentRow-figure">
            <a href="/members/xxx.1/" class="avatar avatar--xxs" data-user-id="1" data-xf-init="member-tooltip" id="js-XFUniqueId1">
            <img src="/data/avatars/s/0/1.jpg?1624819241" alt="xxx" class="avatar-u1-s" loading="lazy" width="48" height="48">

Any help is appreciated!
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