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Duplicate Templates Page Doesn't Scroll to Correct Location When Switching Styles When Editing Templates


Well-known member
This seems to only be an issue on XenForo 1.5.

When you're editing templates and switch styles because you want to edit that same template on another style, the Templates page doesn't scroll to the correct location.

La la la, I'm editing a template:

KH-Flare Templates 1.PNG

However, now I want to edit it on the KH-Flare 2015 style, too, so I switch the style and this is where the Templates page scrolls to:

KH-Flare Templates 2.PNG

When it should actually scroll to here so that EXTRA.css is at the of the browser below the toolbar, give or take (I can't get it exact, but IIRC, the line above EXTRA.css (or whatever template) didn't show):

KH-Flare Templates 3.PNG

Tested on our test site as well with no add-ons just to be sure.