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Template Modification System (TMS) 1.3.1

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Neil E.

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If your TMs only relate to a specific style, then you wouldn't need them after switching styles.


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I hace a few TMs which I created to show/hide certain functions for different user categories. But they haven't really been used in reality so I will remove them.


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I capture a part of a template with a regular expression. Now I want to insert the complete match before my substitution. I try:
&$ mytext
but this doesn`t work here. Can someone please tell me which is the right variable to output the entire match in TMS?


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It seems, TMS doesn't work on 1.4,

the buttons just doesn't appear.
XenForo has a built in template modification system. Is there a feature in this one you want that the XenForo one doesn't have?


What is the best practice for template changes? Add-on via Template Hooks or put in through the Template Modification System. Or a combination of both.

(I only use 1 style and see there are already a couple dozen Template Modifications in place and presumed to be working.)

Thanks in advance for your insight!