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Unmaintained Template Modification System (TMS) 1.3.1

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excellent addon
Thank you, installed and working!
Works fine :) (xF 1.3.0)
don't work correct on 1.2.5 :(
Bugs... don't work correct and if i deinstall, there SQL Problems.
Installed, works perfect on 1.2.3
Super, thanks!
I didn't understand how this works until recently I started to use a lot and undoing the previous direct template modifications and put them under TMS. Thank you so much to keep us hassle free! :) Now I see less red-named templates :P
A great Add-on that works wonderfully.
The best addon ever made! A must have addon!

Should have been built in!
Excellent Addon. It really helps that i dont have to manually edit each and every template
Superb Add-on!
Works great. Excellent.
guys isn't this suppose to be in the core xenforo. Works great
An essential part of taking care of Xenforo themes!! It has to be one of the MUST HAVE Add-Ons.
Such a great add-on, it's almost essential.
Works awesome, as expected.
Thanks for this great Addon and for the fast update for XenForo 1.1.4
Brilliant. No need to manually edit every single template anymore!
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