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Unmaintained Template Modification System (TMS) 1.3.1

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Fixed XenForo 1.3 compability
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Fixed style import bug.
Now it seems to be stable enough.
Known small bugs fixed
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Fixed bugs with installer
  • 1.2 Compability
  • Style specific mods
  • Import from older versions
Now TMS became an extension over core which is used for style specific mods. Import from older versions included.

This is early beta and I had very small period to test it. So don't run on production, make backup first.
XenForo 1.1.4 compability fix.
Slightly refactored.
Last time I forgot to include Diff library.
TMS version is the same.
View of final template added through js.
Small bugs fixed.
Wrong xml was uploaded, Sorry
2 types of style export:
  • Complete: exports original templates + all modifications. Keeps all info about modifications but requires TMS.
  • TMS-independent: exports final modified templates. Loses info about modifications but does not require TMS
Thanks to CyberAP for styling diff.


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