XF 2.1 style-specific template modifications?


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Hey folks, I'm a bit new to template modifications, but I'm also tired of making the same changes every time I upgrade or templates change. My template mods are working great so far, but I'm wondering, I have a child theme that has custom changes (i.e. making the sub forums appear below the thread list instead of on top). i have to re-apply these changes every time i update the theme since it shows as a template conflict that needs to be merged and they rarely merge well, so I just end up reverting the template and re-doing the changes.

it seems like a template modification would make sense for this, but i only want the mod to work for the child theme, and it seems all template mods get applied to all themes. is there a way to accomplish this edit in a child theme only? without having to re-edit the style every time there's an update?
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