TeamSpeak 3 Integration

TeamSpeak 3 Integration [Paid] 2.3.1

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I was looking for a good teamspeak addon, I've had the issue listed above and the seller told me I would receive a fixed version, it's been almost a month and I've yet to hear back. I wouldn't purchase this addon until its actually fixed and usable.
Naz updated TeamSpeak 3 Integration with a new update entry:

Version 2.3.0

  • Add granular alert opt-outs to choose which notifications are mirrored to TeamSpeak.
  • Add support for TeamSpeak alerts for new conversations and replies.
  • When sending an alert to TeamSpeak, link to the content where possible rather than the alerts page.
  • Import functions.
  • Bug fixes for PHP 8.1+ support.
  • Various bits of code cleanup.
  • When a user is deleted, remove their TeamSpeak identity.
  • Fix error when ending TeamSpeak API session.

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Users were unable to register for my forum while using version 2.3.1. Generated an error to the user "A Server Error Occurred, Please try again later". It did not generate an error within the admin panel, but disabling the plugin allowed users to register again.
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