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AndyB submitted a new resource:

Tab Alerts - Displays tab alerts in your browser tab.


Displays tab alerts in your browser tab.

The image below shows South Bay Riders with a (1) next to the tab title, this indicated there is one new Conversation or Forum Alert.

(Example of Browser Tabs)

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  • Alerts updated in browser tab even if tab is not in focus.
  • Text based alerts work with all popular browsers, computers, tablets and mobile devices.
  • Updates occur every 15 seconds.
  • Shows New Conversation and...
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Realy nice ... i have it installed now and it works like a charm. Thanks Andy. :)

Great Add on. I have just installed it and it works as announced.

I guess what this does is change the title of the page to add a (1) or the number of alerts. Would you consider making it toggle between (1) Page Tilte – Page Title

Something like this:
I think this will be a nice option, but not the default setting. Not everyone likes this ... ;)


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Good morning....

A question - can the "(x)" be colored? Or can only the Favicon in the tab blink, when the notice count change?


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I guess what this does is change the title of the page to add a (1) or the number of alerts. Would you consider making it toggle between (1) Page Tilte – Page Title
Great idea, would be terrific to have. BUT, can I suggest the flashing for new conversations, and current functionality for alerts.


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Any idea @AndyB ?
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This is an excellent plugin. However, upon update - I noticed this no longer works unless there's some kind of backend enable/disable I'm not seeing?

Also, just a question that some of my members asked, could it be possible a sound feature along with the tab alert be implemented? Basically how Facebook has where someone sends you a message or you get an alert, you'll hear the sound. Maybe if you choose to do this, you could implement an option to enable/disable it?
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Thanks for the update. I fixed my above issue by uninstalling the plugin, removing the TabAlerts folder in /library/Andy/ and then reinstalling it over again.


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AndyB updated Tab Alerts with a new update entry:

See description.

Tab Alerts v1.3 changes:

Added audio alert option. Now in addition to the tab alert, a beep will let you know there are is a new alert.

If upgrading from a previous version, make sure you follow the Overview Installation and Setup instructions. Also be sure to reload the page for the new JavaScript code to be updated.
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