Lack of interest [Suggestion] Not So Much Button

The Sandman

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The Dislike button was not implemented, and rightfully so - too negative.

Still, there is a dyssymmetry to the system. How about a "Not So Much" button? This would be used when you don't like a post too much. It would differ from a "dislike" in several ways:
- it wouldn't "count" against the person receiving it - there would be no scoring or accounting of these anywhere but in the particular post.
- Not So Much votes wouldn't even appear unless at least one member liked the post.
- So, a post might have at the bottom "Kier and Mike like this, The Sandman not so much."

I think this would make the system more balanced while avoiding most of the negativity associated with a dislike. It is mildly annoying to see a post with a lot of likes if you don't like it so much. Posting later in the thread doesn't quite make up for it. :D


it's the same but isong other words, it's like openning poll in every thread and asking "like me or not?", i say they should discuss more if they dislike or not so much it :D
if they like it or dislike it they shall discuss it, but the Like button helps decreasing the one worded posts like "thank you", "good job", "niiiiice".

at least thats how i see it :)


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it would be better to give users an option to "ignore" a certain user.
So just ignoring the certain user for myself, not for other members.

A "Dislike" (or whatever you name it) button will evolve in a hate-attitude instead of happyness.


Just a simple question... will this suggestion pop up with another name for the "dislike", "not so much" or whatever you call it until it will become a core feature? (the dislike-button, not the question)