Duplicate A missing feature that would allow for so much more with paid user group feature

As it is you can purchase to be placed in specific user groups through Xenforo, however I think it's missing an important feature.

It needs to allow for the user to upgrade themself from one group to the next group like this:

Right now, you set what group the user get's added to when they purchase to be placed in that user group.

The missing feature imo that completes this process is the ability for the player to upgrade from one group to the next group.

I know you can set a price for each group, however there needs to be another option that say's:

User must already be in "X" group before they can purchase this group, if they try to purchase it and they're not in "X" group they won't be able to purchase it.

It would also need an option so that they could be removed from "X" group if they purchase a different group.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

Let's say I want to pay to be placed into a group called, "Hero" but I need to have the group, "Epic" in order to purchase it.

I had already purchased to be in the Epic group and so I'm able to purchase Hero, after this purchase I'm placed into the new group called "Hero" and removed from the old group called "Epic".

Example of how I would accomplish this as the forum owner:

I would setup my groups like this:

  • Epic
  • Hero
  • Champion
Group Upgrades
  • Epic to Hero
  • Hero to Champion
If you have not purchased any group at all you would select one of hte 3 groups out of "Groups", however if you had already purchased either Epic or Hero you'd select one of the upgrade ranks depending on which rank you already have.

There's 100's if not thousands of Minecraft server owners using Xenforo for their website/forums, this feature tied in with this plugin: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/communitybridge-fm/ would remove the need for 3rd party payment systems like buycraft or enjin.

With the above setup that I mention you could do everything through xenforo without having to spend the extra money for those other 3rd party systems.
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