Add-on SSO to Mediawiki via Xenforo


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We're looking for a custom addon that'll allow our users to login to Mediawiki, which is hosted on a secondary server/domain. We're a non profit website so funds are tight.

We're not looking for an intergration like XWiki. Security for our site is important so each script is installed on it's own server/domain to prevent issues.

Xenforo will be hosted on server1/ and Mediawiki will be on server2/

Mediawiki would pull the account info from Xenforo (via the api?) and allow the user to login, there won't be a manual signup option on the wiki side and only SSO via the forums.

We're happy to have this addon released if needed. Would you be able to have a rough price posted in thread so our staff can review it please?

Thank you. does this,

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