[solved] Max upload size via xenforo resource manager. Can't upload more than ~30mb


Hello. I need help. Sorry for my English.
I have the latest xenforo forum. And the latest resource manager version.

I configured server. And now I can upload about 30mb. But I need more! How to fix this problem?

My server is nginx with php-7.0.19-1 at debian 9.0.

My phpinfo strigs:
upload_max_filesize = 200M
post_max_size = 200M
memory_limit = 1024M
max_input_time = 120 sec.
max_execution_time = 120 sec

client_max_body_size = 200m;

When I'm trying upload file < 30Mb it's ok. But when uploading more 30Mb it's problem. With ctrl+shift+I I see next:

POST http://mybestsite.xx/index.php?attachments/do-upload.json&hash=e654b12d68bdeb27415d703f769c4be2&content_type=resource_version&key=resource 413 (Request Entity Too Large)

When I change memory_limit to 128 i can upload no more than ~10Mb. What I do wrong? How to upload much more? I tryed 2048Mb. Nothing happened.

In admin pannel->Apps->Configure Resource Manager->Max size of resourse is 153600. As I know it's in kb.

Help me plz who know what to do


My friends! I found answer! Oh.. All day... If you have same problem, then check next files:
/etc/ngingx/site-available/mysite.conf (default maybe...)
there you find another
client_max_body_size 32m;

change it.

Thanks me :)