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Add-on Mediawiki autolinking in forum posts

Discussion in 'Custom Service/Development Requests' started by Sperber, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. Sperber

    Sperber Active Member

    Dear Coders,

    one of the most frequently asked bridges and functionality upgrades for xenforo is a working inclusion of mediawiki. As addition to a pre-existing own mediawiki hosted on the same server as xenforo or for general autolinking of public wiki-articles on foreign domains (like wikipedia.org, etc.).

    I know all of the wiki clones and addons which are available in the RM here and they all are lacking the one or the other way. Mainly usability - as all wikis in general are a pain in the arse when it comes down to writing an article - , code quality, bugs and bug tracking, etc, etc, etc.

    With all those addons it isn´t really helpful, that a user has to learn everything again from ground up. Those add-ons may be great when you understand how everything works. And if you're someone that understands code, then this Add-ons can work wonders for you. Unfortunately for those of us that don't know how to code, those Add-ons are a nightmare to work with. The template systems are extremely confusing and even with other tutorials, they don't cover nearly enough to make someone understand the full potential to using this - or for an end user even worse, where to start and how to get over even the most simple tasks.

    After rethinking our own approach which audience we are targeting, we are discarding now the wiki-clones and get back to the original mediawiki-software for several reasons. Beside all existing downsides the mediawiki-software is coming with it´s with no doubts the industry standard for wikis. Wikis worldwide are used by uncountable numbers of authors, which are meanwhile familiar with the original wiki-code. As long as there is no complete addon available that would integrate the xenforo editor - or at least a user friendly WYSIWYG-editor - on top of a mediawiki installation, we are meanwhile convinced that it doesn´t make any sense to force users to learn a new wiki syntax that is even more complicated for non-developers and the standard forums user, the normal non-techy guy. Of course a wiki is a collaborative collection of knowledge - and we think this knowledge shouldn´t only be accessible by all; further more it should be able to be queried by as many people as possible and to allow access to the autolinking functions - optional on a per website/forums base or open to the public.

    With that in mind we try to find someone who is capable of coding an autolinker for wiki-articles in forum posts - as seen in Vaultwiki - for the mediawiki-software with the options outlined above. Please feel free to contact me via PN for further informations, discussions or your reasonable quote, terms of payment or other related topics.
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  2. empire

    empire Well-Known Member

    It's not exactly what you're asking for, but Tagess has a feature that associates tags with wikipedia:

    @Xon How hard would it be to update it to work with a self-hosted mediawiki installation? I think having the tags linked would be better than autolinking words, because it's more intentional and less intrusive.

    If you want the wiki to use bbcode, that would probably need to come from a wiki extension rather than a XenForo add-on. This might interest you:

    Edit to clarify: That link isn't for bbcode, but the mediawiki editor does have some basic wysiwyg functionality.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2016
  3. Sperber

    Sperber Active Member

    Wether Tag Essentials nor any other addon released yet does what I´m looking and asking for. The VE is a known wiki extension we´ll install on our mediawiki to, but it´s still something like a hotfix regarding the lack of usablilty in mediawiki and not the familiar editor our users would expect - but thats going OffTopic. Topic of this thread is and should be restricted to the autolinker addon, please.
  4. Sperber

    Sperber Active Member


  5. Sperber

    Sperber Active Member


    Still looking for a coder.
  6. Sperber

    Sperber Active Member


    Anyone? May be @AndyB , any chance to ignite your interest? ;)
  7. Sperber

    Sperber Active Member


    For gods sake - I would even put my canadian immigration permission on the line for that ;)

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