XF 1.5 Spam Management tool not deleting a Specific Spammers Threads(over 10k spam threads)

Hi Guys

As stated above the Spam Management tool is not deleting a Specific Spammers Threads.

I have about 7 members who are spammers with over 10k threads which are all spam .

I Contacted my hosting so hat they could check if my server limits are set high enough.

They responded by asking me what were the recommended limits for each variable .

Of which I have no clue .

I need to remove Them all . Please any help with this would be greatly appreciated .

Thanks .


XenForo developer
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The spam cleaner is not designed to handle such a large amount of content (one of the several reasons we apply limits to it).

Given that they're threads though, you can use the batch thread update tools in the control panel to remove the threads.