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  1. JasonBrody

    XF 2.1 How to create Two Email Field at Registration Window ?

    Hi Everyone :) I'd like to know how to achieve this , means having TWO EMAIL input field at Registration template/window ?
  2. K

    How to restrict links in posts unless user has x posts contribution

    Hi, so I migrated from vb to xenforo recently and spammers have started replying to forum topics with their spam links and started stuffing their member profiles intro section with links. Is there a way we can restrict that? In vbulletin, we had a plugin which would allow only users with 100...
  3. insomniac

    XF 1.5 Spam Management tool not deleting a Specific Spammers Threads(over 10k spam threads)

    Hi Guys As stated above the Spam Management tool is not deleting a Specific Spammers Threads. I have about 7 members who are spammers with over 10k threads which are all spam . I Contacted my hosting so hat they could check if my server limits are set high enough. They responded by asking me...
  4. DanT

    XF 1.5 Blocking or Deleting duplicate spam threads

    Is there a setting I'm missing that will block duplicate threads and posts from spammer. Typically we'll see something like attached.
  5. H

    Unmaintained Email Validation Rule 1.0.0

    No download is needed :) ___ Do you need regular expression to validate user's email? Now you can do it, using a file edit :) Please backup the file before modifying You must edit this file : /library/XenForo/Helper/Email.php Find these lines : public static function...
  6. Your Ski Advisor

    XF 1.5 Approving Members (to control spammers)

    It seems that our spammers come in between 12-4AM (PST). Is a way in the settings that we can set a timer that all members need to be approved during a certain time frame?
  7. AppleAndMango

    Spam/bot accounts

    Hello! I'm having quite a lot of accounts created that do not actually post threads or post on other members threads but instead an account is created and a link usually pointing towards another site selling drugs or supplements you know the usual stuff you'd see if a spammer/bot would post in...
  8. megabosx

    Home page spam links

    I'm having a huge number of people who sign up for an account and set their "Home Page" and "About You" settings to spammy links.How do i get rid of this type of registrations?
  9. Wildcat Media

    XF 1.5 New user shares IP with banned user?

    This setting is under Spam Management: Question. Does this apply to all banned users, or just to users we have banned via the spam banning system? We have a lot of users we ban who try to sign up again to cause more problems, and I think we are catching many of them by using this, as...
  10. farang

    [fgX] Advanced Censoring [Deleted]

    farang submitted a new resource: [fgX] Advanced Censoring - Censoring posts using regular expressions. Helps prevent spam. Read more about this resource...
  11. naia

    Crowdsourced Human Spammers

    You may be aware of services like Amazon Mechanical Turk or Microworkers. These are crowdsourcing services that allow vendors to pay small amounts of money for the completion of tasks. These tasks often range from things like helping Google and Bing rank search results (human experience), and...
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