Not a bug Chinese Characters not being recognized as Spam Phrases in Spam Management


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Our site is running XF 1.5.

We've recently been bombarded by Chinese spammers writing Chinese characters in their posts. To try to keep their new posts from going public before we've had a chance to clean them up, we added each individual Chinese character in the spam posts in the list (each in their own line) in the Spam Phrase section of the Spam Management since a lot of this spam is repetitive. An example of this would be: 理

However, the Spam Phrases do not seem to be recognizing Chinese characters because posts containing those same Chinese characters we entered in the Spam Phrases are getting through and going public without us having to Approve them first.

Since the Spam Phrases section states "When any of these phrases are entered in a message, the action below will be taken" and yet no action is being taken when the Chinese characters in the Spam Phrases are entered in a message, this must be a bug.

How can we fix this bug so it works as intended with Chinese characters?

Thank you.


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By default, the spam phrase system matches whole words. With CJK, there are no spaces, so it likely doesn't match as expected.

You may be able to use:
Or the regular expression match version: