XF 1.5 Spam Management applies to Conversations


Hi all

I have had a complaint from a customer who is having trouble sending PMs because his outbound messages are blocked as Spam.

In my settings I have set it for customers with up to five posts go through the Spam management and have set for a number of posts to be manually approved by the Mods.

Up until today I had no idea this applied to Converstations too; however instead of approving an outbound PM (makes sense l guess as no way for a Mod to approve a PM), it outright rejects it.

I don’t feel I need this functionality as permissions are set for customers with fewer than 5 posts to not be able to initiate a conversation, only reply to it.

I’m wondering as a workaround, is it possible to, either:
- disable Spam Management for Conversations
- set it up so that non Staff cannot initiate PMs to customers in the Usergroup with fewer than 5 posts
- set it up so that customers with fewer than 5 posts cannot reply to non Staff but they may reply to Staff

Many thanks in advance.