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If an IP address is found in StopForumSpam, then it can be automatically detected during the registration and the registration attempt could be easily rejected. We don't even have to moderate this if we configured the SPAM settings properly. This is awesome.

Recently we started to receive so many spam messages via the Contact us form, and the IP addresses are found in the StopForumSpam database if I check them manually. Doesn't the form submission work the same as the registration, so it can stop Contact us submissions if the sender IP is found in SFS just like the registration? Guests are allowed to contact us obviously, we tried Captcha and Q&A, however, it doesn't help. So, I am hoping that the internal SPAM manager also covers the Contact Us form and I am missing a setting that you can show me.

Otherwise, it looks like I will have to disable the form for guests and leave them instructions to send real email messages as it would be easier to catch spam that way.

XenForo has two types of spam checkers:

User Checkers
StopForumSpam, Project Honeypot, Tornevall, Banned Users, Rejected Users are used to check registrations

Content Checkers
Akismet, Spam Phrases are used to check content (posts, contact form submissions, etc.)

This means that StopForumSpam isn't used at all for the contact form.
IMHO contact form is kinda special as it is not just content but also "user" (if submitted by a guest) and thus should probably use both checker types.
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